[LMA] 2015-07-04 High Sierra Music Festival, Quincy, CA

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[LMA] 2015-07-04 High Sierra Music Festival, Quincy, CA

Postby Cleantone » Thu Aug 20, 2015 12:46 pm


Surprise Me Mr. Davis
July 4, 2015
Vaudeville Tent (11:30pm-1:30am)
High Sierra Music Festival
Quincy, CA

01 Intro
02 Ladies and Gentlemen
03 Everything Must Go
04 When A Woman
05 banter
06 How Stupid I Am
07 I’m No Good At All
08 If You Knew
09 banter
10 So Close to Dreams
11 Sissyfuss
12 Exploding Pen
13 I Hate Love *
14 banter
15 Movin’ By Lovin’
16 Summer of My Fall
17 No Rest For The Wicked
18 One Sick Knave
19 As Long As There’s One of Us Standing
20 19th Nervous Breakdown (The Rolling Stones)
21 Post Set

* with Jessica Lurie on sax and Ezra Lipp on Percussion

recorded, mixed, and mastered by Clinton Vadnais

(XY) Neumann km184 (FOH) > Tascam DR-680
Soundboard > Tascam DR-680

Nathan Moore - acoustic
Marco Benevento - keys
Marc Friedman - bass
Andrew Barr - drums
Brad Barr - guitar


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