[BT] 7/11/09 SMMD Party @ The Compound, Oakland CA

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[BT] 7/11/09 SMMD Party @ The Compound, Oakland CA

Postby harrymcq » Tue Jan 07, 2014 2:03 am


Surprise Me Mr. Davis
Party at The Compound, Oakland, CA

Source: Crown SASS-P MKII Mic + 24-channel split snake all inputs > PreSonus Digimax Pre-amp/AD converters > AlesisHD-24
Recorded by: Bob Cogswell
Mixed by: Harry McQuillen (Jan 2014)

Set I:

1. I Want To Get To Heaven (Before I Die)
2. Everything Must Go
3. One Sick Knave
4. Hunny
5. If You Knew
6. Rubber Ball
7. Cumulus intro >
8. Give The Devil Back His Heart
9. Before You Were Born

Set II:
10. That's The Way
11. poetry jam > *
12. So Close To Dreams
13. Skull and Bones
14. Poor Boy
15. Sarah Through The Wall >
16. England
17. Wipeout > Will the Circle Be Unbroken

* with Sam Flot reading poetry
Most of 2nd set with Jeremy Black and Cochrane McMillan on drums and percussion

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