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song title origins (continued)

Postby Cleantone » Sun Jan 28, 2007 3:47 pm

"Moderate Threat" was named in Matt Murphy's pub (at table 8) by scanning a newspaper to finally put a name to the song.

"The Earth Will Dissever and Consume You After These Messages" I believe was at first a joke from Brad when pried for a title. It stuck.

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Postby Dan » Sun Jan 28, 2007 5:01 pm

of course Johnny's Tune was written by the former guitarist of The Slip Johnny who departed

come to think of it, BAM as we know them were not part of the original "The Slip"

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Postby MATT » Tue Jun 26, 2007 11:48 pm

somewhere out there i have a transcribed version of brad explaining the slip history in which he mentions that dan..i think that might have been lost in the great vortex that consumed graffiti. ill transcribe again once i find the darn hard drive its on.

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Postby harrymcq » Wed Jun 27, 2007 1:57 am

yeah, let's get some lore flowin'...

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Johnny's Tune (search from old Graffiti text)

Postby Phrazz » Thu Jun 28, 2007 9:07 am

It's not pretty, and I don't know how complete this is, but I ran a search against a raw text file dump I had of the old Graffiti database. I don't have the schema (or can't find it), so you can glean the msg ids and such from the data here. Sometime I'll write a formatting filter for this and try to get the last dump if anyone made the effort to save Graffiti's data before shutting it down. Perhaps we can ask Ted for a small favor.

Graffiti wrote:Really, nothing else was needed to seal a great night of music, so The Slip exceeded all expectations and did the elusive double encore! Masters of varying the mood and tempo, they slowed to a crawl with lyrical number "If One of Us Should Fall" that almost reminded me of Built to Spill. The first encore ended with classic Slip closers "Moral Decay" (or is this song called "Diablo"?) and the second encore was the always slippery "Johnny's Tune". For me, it's goodbye Providence, and hello west coast!
Set 1: Intro > The Lucky Dragon, Johnny's Tune, Nashua Rose, Get Me With Fuji,
3. Johnny's Tune 13:51
Johnny's Tune
481;2002-10-27 10:19:39;2;504;NULL;music thievery;the slip song Johnny's Tune is a blatant imitation of john scofield's song chank...the only difference is one eigth note...with a mission statement as presumptious as the slip's they had better be making good music...not stealing it from honest musicians...;;;
482;2002-10-27 20:04:55;2;505;481;Re:> music thievery;the slip didnt write it. a man named johnny did. thats why its "johnnys tune" so dont blame the slip. if a friend wrote what are they suppose to say to that person, "hey your rippin someone off" they probaly liked it. by the way its a good song. and scofields good too;;;
486;2002-10-28 07:18:42;2;509;481;Re:> music thievery;Off the top of my head I think Johnny's Tune is older than Chank. The Slip opened for Sco in 98' and they jammed it out together taboot.
have jammed together (including Johnny's Tune), I
507;2002-10-31 14:13:42;2;530;481;Re:> music thievery;i, for one, can't seem to find claim that the tune is a slip original. one might even presume from the possessive in the title, that johnny's tune may in fact be in some small way beholden to another individual. possibly one named johnny.;;;
510;2002-11-01 02:44:56;2;533;507;Johnny used to be the second guitar player in The Slip..;He went on to become a rocket scientist, as the band was more of a hoby for him up until 96 or so. Johnny's tune was written sometime after that...
512;2002-11-01 13:57:55;2;535;510;Re: Johnny the rocket scientist;I'm just curious: Has anyone heard from Johnny?
537;2002-11-05 08:03:00;2;560;512;Re:> Re: Johnny the rocket scientist;Alright Phrazz.. Just keep your rocket in your pocket... ok??? Does anyone have any updated setlists... after 9-28??
in between and in no order: in your dreams, get me with fuji, jumby, yellow medicine, johnny's tune, driving backwards with you, aptos, wolof, pass it on (bob marley!!!)
II: Johnny's Tune, Gecko > Take a Beetle to the Badlands > bluesy
Set 1: Set 1: munf, driving backwards with you, aptos, johnny's tune, you might say
I: Munf, Driving Backwards with You, Aptos, Johnny's Tune, Else%, Aptos, You Might Say, Rhythm-a-ning
johnny's tune-garaj mahal
II: Clementine, Weight of Solomon#, Johnny's Tune, In Russia With Love, Alsoa, Sorry
II: The Witch in the Kitchen>Sorry, Yo Yo Ma, Little Brown-eyed Babushka, Johnny's Tune > Moral Decay > Andrew Beatbox > Decay
1510;2003-01-28 19:32:25;2;1533;623;sounds like bathtub gin?;the first time i heard johnny's tune, i could swear the boys were playing bathtub gin. it was a sparsely attended show at the stone church in new hampshire during 98 or early 99.

What's interesting here is that Johnny is mentioned as the Slip's second guitarist. But I've also heard there were completely different members in the *original* Slip, that went through a few changes before Brad and Andrew joined. I think Isaac was with them for some time but not sure if as a full-time member of if he just sang with them often. We also know there are many setlists missing from the early days, when it wasn't quite clear what was evolving just yet.

The jokers who called the Slip thieves of Sco are really funny because Sco jammed with BAM at SLAC fest and they did Johnny's Tune. So he could have said "hey, man, thanks for playing my song" but instead chose to hang out with us and we were all very morose becaue of 9/11 a few days earlier.

The funniest thing that happened to me at SLAC was when I told Deitch to leave the drums alone (as stage manager, I guarded the gear). I thought he was some punk kid with his reverse cap and then when I finally saw him I was pretty embarrassed. He smiled and thanked me for guarding his gear. :) That was almost six years ago???? Wow!
<b>9/15/2001: S.L.A.C. Festival - Apeiron Fields: Coventry, RI </b>
Set I: Intro (My Home Sweet Home, YFAH teases) > Johnny's Tune*, Nellie Jean > Once, Get Me with Fuji, Take A Beetle to the Badlands > One tease > Beetle, Rhythm-a-ning
Encore: Stand By Me#, Steel Pan jam** (Zion for a bit)
Notes: *w/John Scofield # by John Lennon, Ben E. King, Jerry Leiber, Mike Stoller; first time played, w/Leslie Helpert ** w/Adam Deitch ]

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Re: slip lyrics directory

Postby Jdub123 » Thu Feb 28, 2013 2:14 pm

Has my mind gone crazy. i swear there is a slip song called Ruby or something like that. the lyrics go something like

Ruby my love in the summer
You be my rain on a cloudy day

Anyone know this?

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Re: slip lyrics directory

Postby Big Bob » Sat Mar 02, 2013 3:20 am

You are thinking of Eube. It is on From the Gecko.
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Re: slip lyrics directory

Postby DaveStone » Sun Mar 22, 2015 11:37 pm


seems like is down. Did anyone archive the lyrics anywhere? Was looking for More About Me.


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Re: slip lyrics directory

Postby Caleb » Mon Mar 23, 2015 10:35 am

same with kosta's tabs page.

I guess i took the availability of these things for granted :(
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Re: slip lyrics directory

Postby booher » Mon Mar 23, 2015 6:01 pm

Caleb wrote:same with kosta's tabs page.

I guess i took the availability of these things for granted :(

Oh. God. No.

Only thing I can offer is that I printed out the Landing tab a while back and hung it up on my wall to force it into my being. There are two tiny mistakes in the tab, but one is oversight, and the other is an actual misinterpretation. I'll get a scan of it and post it up here for good measure.

Any way that we can reach out and try to recover the material? I've only met Phrazz briefly at the Dogs on Bikes show last year, so I don't have a means of reaching out.

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Re: slip lyrics directory

Postby Big Bob » Fri Mar 27, 2015 12:27 pm

I found this out the hard way too. When I went to look up some tabs in a whirlwind of inspiration, they were gone. This is like the Great Library of Alexandria all over again.
Big Bob

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Re: slip lyrics directory

Postby Caleb » Mon Mar 30, 2015 10:55 am

Does anyone have a copy of the Alsoa tab lying around?
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