Valhallas chords and lyrics

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Valhallas chords and lyrics

Postby Botero » Sat May 16, 2015 6:45 am


capo III- chords are relative to the capo.
This song has a healthy amount hammer-ons, so just listen to the song as a reference.

Intro: C, Fmaj7, C, G

C Fmaj7
Bow and arrow, no wind
High up in the dawn-light where everything begins
C Fmaj7
No direction, but a steady drum
Over the treetops, put my knuckle on the sun
C Fmaj 7
Oh Mama, I cannot say
That I'm not affected by your orange blossom ways
C Fmaj7
Took aim, spoke low
Backed up to the west and let that little arrow go
C Fmaj7
Valhallas want to name you
Old relations in the valley want to claim you
C Fmaj7
There's no pill that can satisfy
Your need to work and my need not to deny

Fmaj7 G
I can moan like a dog and kick like a mule
Fmaj7 G
Say I've been sleeping well that wouldn't be true
Fmaj7 C G C
And I'm hooked like a fish on a telephone line
Fmaj7 C G C
Rounders and powders and fine Spanish wine

(repeat intro)

Oh Darling, I'm still awake
There are shadows on the wall
Where the dawn wants to break
This old mattress where we used to lie
Heaven knows it's empty
And I'm still on my side
Oh Mama, I cannot say
I am not affected by those
Old fashioned ways
There's some blood, some bone
Something so sweet about
The air back home
Some name it, some blame it
Some would rather see it go
While others want to claim it
Every jewel that you find
Every glass you drain
And every watch you wind

I can moan like a dog
And kick like a mule
Say I've been sleeping well
That wouldn't be true
And I'm hooked like a fish
On a telephone line
Rounders and powders
And fine Spanish wine

Bow and arrow, no wind
High up in the dawn light
Where everything begins
Took aim, spoke low
Backed up to the West
And let that little arrow go

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Re: Valhallas chords and lyrics

Postby booher » Thu May 28, 2015 8:30 am

I've been fiddling a bit with this one a lot recently. Thanks for posting this.

I thought this video was pretty neat, too:

You can see and hear the travis picking stuff going on pretty well, and you can also hear when he brushes a couple of strings together with his thumb, which I've been trying to practice a little. Thought that was a nice "effect", if you will.

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