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Postby harrymcq » Wed Jun 27, 2007 10:50 pm

Phrazz wrote:I'm getting weary also of people who demand so much from the scene and don't return much at all (if anything). This is just not fair, and rather selfish. Begging for setlists, photos, and especially recordings is getting very old. People, grow up and learn to ask nicely. You're all adults now.

I have to wonder who these people are that you speak of? I wonder if I'm one of them because I often do ask for recordings but I also feel like I give back to the community by taping, running torrents, posting setlists, etc. I think this is the 2nd time you've hit on this theme and I'm sorry that you're upset (especially since you run the board and many thanks to you for that, I love it here) but I have been reading pretty regularly for the last year and I just don't see much begging around here. Maybe the posts are getting deleted before I have a chance to read them.

I am ammending this post because I just read Kevin's setlist grovel in the Bowery topic but he is new here and was nice enough to post the part of the setlist he did have.

I guess my question is where the line is between begging and asking nicely? Also what constitutes a 'spam' post vs. a content laden praise-worthy post? I personally don't give enough of a phuck about what my little name says to post just to bump it up so if I am tossing off a one-liner it's because that's what I wanted to say...

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Postby Dan » Wed Jun 27, 2007 11:18 pm

i have been deleted before.

It is one of those occasions that a response was silly and pointless... offensive or rude

it is always a shock at first but eventually you forget about it and realize yeah it probably was a stupid post

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