Happy 420 (users)

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Happy 420 (users)

Postby Phrazz » Wed Apr 30, 2008 3:58 pm

We hit 420 registered users, but not all of these are real of course. ;-}

I'm going to work on purging the spam accounts and setting up some preventive measures in a couple weekends (after JazzFest). I got some good tips from a few different board admins (of other sites) that I'm going to try. Some might involve a little downtime...might try to do this early on a Sunday when few (if any) people are online. Many of these require an upgrade of one or more subsystems.

It is a simple matter to block IPs and delete posts, this is also why we have several Moderators. A malicious human can get by all the checks and balances, so there will always be a need for people to "watch the shop". I am greatly thankful for their efforts!

Because of the proliferation of spam (on a global scale), we may need to make some changes, such as registration and email required. Most of the big boards out there require registration, and you're still not divulging any personal information if you don't want to.


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